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7 Ways to Make Money Fast – Legit Ways to Earn an Income from home

Are you looking for legit ways to get some extra cash and you need it … like yesterday? We’ve all been in situations where we need to make money fast. These legit options will help you earn an income quickly.

Have an unexpected bill? Did your paycheck come up short this month? Just have your eye on something you want to buy?

Whatever the reason, we’ve all been in situations where we need to come up with some extra money, and we need to do it fast.

You’ll find all kinds of promises online about ways you can make a quick buck. If they sound too good to be true, they probably are. These legit ways to earn money will help you reach your financial goals without falling victim to a get-rich-quick scheme.

Deliver Food with DoorDash

While this option may not exactly be a “work-from-home” option, delivering food through DoorDash is flexible. It pays weekly, so you can work towards a quick payday if you need to earn some quick cash.

The hours are completely flexible so that you can set your own schedule. You’ll earn base pay, plus tips, plus promotions (typically during peak hours). Most drivers average between $20-30/hr, depending on the area they drive in.

Sign up to be a DoorDash Driver Here

Petsit through Rover

If you are an animal lover, you can make some easy cash by petsitting through The demand for petsitters during holidays and over weekends is typically very high so you can often fill up. You’ll have the option to petsit more than one animal at a time to increase your pay too.

Sign up as a petsitter through Rover here

Sell items you no longer use

You probably have quite a few things around your house that you don’t actually need. Why not sell them to get some extra cash if you are short on funds? Facebook marketplace usually has a pretty quick turnaround time, if you price things competitively. You can also list items through local classifieds or eBay if you have a bit more time.

Rent your car through Turo

If you live in a travel destination hot spot you may be able to make some quick cash renting your car through Turo. Turo takes a cut of the daily fee but does offer the car owner several different insurance options.

Shop with Instacart

Shopping through Instacart does take you away from home, but it is something you can do on your own schedule. You use a payment card provided to you from Instacart so you are not using your own cash. Shoppers keep 100% of customer tips and are eligible for additional promotions through Instacart. The best part is you can cash out your earnings in as little as two hours (if you have completed 5 shops) so it can be really quick cash.

Sign up to be an Instacart shopper here

Offer your services for odd jobs locally

What skills do you have? Chances are you can do something that someone else is willing to pay for. Local Facebook groups make it easy to promote one-time services such as house cleaning, home organization, yard work, babysitting, home repairs, and more. I’ve seen quite a few people selling homemade baked goods or DIY projects in our local groups when they need to earn some extra cash.

Test Websites on

Companies want to see what the user experience is like for their website and to do that they’ll pay to have real people explore the website and let them know what does and doesn’t work. To get signed up with UserTester, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a PayPal account. To get started, you’ll have to take about 15-20 minutes worth of tests but once you are set up you can start earning money right away. Most projects pay 7 days after they are completed.

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