Creative Job Options for Work at Home Moms

Creative Childcare Options for Work at Home Moms

Do you need to bring in an income but can’t afford childcare? These creative childcare options for work at home moms will help you keep your kids safe while working from home.

Working from home can be a great option for parents who want to be more available to their kids but it does come with some serious challenges.

The reality is, if you are working as an employee, most of the time that is going to mean you have to have some sort of childcare.

An employer, especially if you are being paid hourly or are working on the phone and need a quiet environment, expects you to be fully focused on your work. That’s hard to do with young kids who need care.

Fortunately, there are some pretty creative childcare options for work at home moms that you can use. Get creative. You may find that you are able to find a way to avoid paying for childcare or find a more affordable childcare option.

Find a remote job that does not require daycare.

There ARE some remote jobs that don’t require daycare. If this is what you are looking for, look for non-phone jobs, jobs with flexible hours (so you can work when your kids are asleep or when you do have someone available to watch your kids), or overnight remote jobs. Those jobs are the most likely to work well without having childcare on a regular basis. You can also consider starting your own home-based business because if you are the boss, you set the rules.

Check out some of our favorite jobs that don’t require daycare here.

Open a Home Daycare

Sometimes, avoiding paying for childcare requires you to get a bit creative. When my oldest son was born, I knew I wanted to leave my teaching job and stay home. I had family watching my son but that was not a long-term solution and paying for daycare would make working not cost efficient on a teacher’s salary. So, I got creative. I opened a home daycare and was able to supplement my income with state childcare grants and subsidies so that my home daycare income was more than my teaching income.

Learn more about opening a home daycare here.

Work Opposite Shifts from Your Partner

This situation isn’t ideal but if paying for daycare is just not an option, working opposite shifts from your partner can be a great way to avoid putting your kids in childcare. I know many families who make this work very well, especially if one partner is more of a night owl and prefers working a later shift

Hire a Nanny with Kids of Their Own

There are probably a lot of moms local to you who want to earn some extra money but don’t want to leave their young kids with someone else. Allowing a nanny to bring their kids to work with them or having a stay-at-home mom watch your kids in their home can be a much more economical solution. Be sure that you have a quiet place to work if your nanny will be bringing extra kids to your home and always make sure the salary you are offering is fair, even if it is lower than a nanny without kids would be.

Trade Childcare with Another Mom

If you work part-time, trading childcare with another mom can be a great option. This does require finding someone with a schedule that works well with yours but when it works out it is fantastic. Some companies may even offer a job-share situation if you know someone who works in the same field that you do.

Hire a Student or Young Teen

If you are able to work outside of regular school hours, hiring a college student, high school student, or even a young teen can be a great solution. I’ve actually found that the sweet spot for me (once my kids were old enough not to need more experienced care) is tweens because they are always so excited to have the chance to earn some extra money and they are often better about actually playing with my kids while they are with them. I’ve hired college students several times over the years and had amazing luck with them too.

Find a Gym with Childcare

If you have a job that only occasionally requires you to have childcare (and doesn’t need you to be on the phone) look for a gym that offers free childcare with a membership. You’ll be close by in case your kids need anything but able to get several hours of uninterrupted work time in.

Offer a Spare Room in Your Home in Exchange for Childcare

Do you have a spare bedroom? You may be able to offer it up to a student or family member in exchange for some childcare. Be sure that the amount of childcare you are asking for matches up with the average cost of rent in your area so you aren’t taking advantage of anyone. Create a contract with expectations on both sides ahead of time to get ahead of any miscommunications.

Participate in a Nanny Share

Do you know another family local to you who needs childcare and has kids around the same age as yours? Consider using a nanny share. One nanny can take care of kids from both families so you’ll both save some money on childcare costs and the kids will have someone to play with. You can decide if the nanny comes to one home or the kids rotate between the two homes. This works better if each family has 1-2 kids. More than that could be overwhelming for a nanny.

Look for an In-Home Daycare

If you find that you really can’t do without childcare, an in-home daycare is usually the most affordable option. Look for someone who you are comfortable with and will communicate with you well about anything your child needs. Most cities offer a childcare resource and referral office that can connect parents with licensed in-home childcare providers to make your search easier.

Whether you choose a work at home option that doesn’t require daycare or find a creative childcare solution, it is important to have something that works for your family.

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