How to Support Ukrainian Small Businesses

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Anyone who runs a small business from home can tell you that it is challenging under the best of circumstances. For the people of Ukraine, the current circumstances are far from ideal. If you’d like to support fellow work-at-home entrepreneurs buying products from Ukrainian small businesses can be a great way to offer support.

One of the things that I have loved discovering as a work-at-home mom is how supportive entrepreneurs can be of each other. I’ve seen that so much lately as people try to support Ukrainian small business owners.

One thing to note, some of these products may not be available to ship right away or at all, depending on where in Ukraine the company is based. If your goal is to help and not add any additional pressure to these Ukrainian businesses, I’d focus on digital products or make a note that you do not expect to receive the product and to consider your payment a donation.

Ukrainian Owned Etsy Shops

Digital art by Ukrainian Atists on Etsy

Etsy is a great option to support Ukrainian-owned small businesses because there are quite a few digital downloads you can purchase that are delivered automatically and don’t require Ukrainians to ship out a physical product when it may be challenging to do so.

Etsy has an entire section dedicated to Ukrainian products (although double-check that they are actually Ukrainian-owned and not created by someone simply trying to profit from the situation).

I love this Printable Botanical Art from a Ukrainian artist and this Ukrainian children’s bedroom decor.

Ukrainian Owned Vacation Rentals

The idea of renting Ukrainian vacation homes and then sending a note that you won’t be visiting but wanted to help has been going around social media and I loved the creativity of people who want to help. I enjoyed browsing some of the beautiful rentals in Ukraine and hope to visit when the country is enjoying a more peaceful time.

Purchase Ukrainian Products from Amazon Homemade

Ukrainian Products on Amazon Homemade

There are quite a few Ukrainian made products available on Amazon Homemade. Some of these are sold by Ukrainian sellers who are not in an area yet affected by the fighting, such as these beautiful customizable wooden maps. Others are shipped and stored by Amazon and Ukrainian sellers still benefit from the sales.

If you are looking for ways to help work at home families in Ukraine, these ideas are easy to do and options are available to fit any budget.

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