How to Make Money as a Kid

As a long-time work at home mom, I’m a big fan of finding side-gigs that work with your lifestyle. Side-gigs aren’t just for adults though. Kids can have side-gigs that work with their school schedule and help them learn some great life skills. There are some great ideas about how to make money as a kid out there, many that can be done from home.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart so my kids have grown up listening to me throw out crazy ideas about businesses they could start or working for me on side-gigs. My teens and tweens are getting to the point where they want to earn some money of their own and they’ve found that there are some great side-gigs for kids out there.

How to Make Money as a Kid

There are so many creative ways to make money as a kid. Most states won’t allow teens to get a job as an employee until they are 14-16 but these jobs can be done anytime.

Have a Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stands are a classic way for kids to earn money but you don’t have to stop at lemonade. My boys made pretty decent money one year selling cold sodas on our street corner and I know of another tween who had a pop up cupcake stand complete with her own Facebook page. Get creative!

Take things to the next level with a wooden lemonade stand or make one yourself out of wooden crates.

Resell Items Online

Kids can do very well reselling items they buy at a discount or even just things that they find around the house. I’d recommend reading these tips on how to make money selling your stuff.

If kids want to get serious about turning reselling into a side business, they can look into eBay or Amazon FBA. There are some great resources on YouTube sharing ways you can use retail arbitrage to create a reselling side-gig.

Start a Blog

There are no age restrictions on blogging and it can be a great way to earn an income that works around your schedule … perfect for kids who have to stay current with their homework. Kids can blog about any topic that is interesting to them. Sit down with a parent first and talk about important internet safety issues such as not revealing personal information or talking with strangers.

Learn about how to start a blog from scratch here.

Start a YouTube Channel

Earning money on YouTube can be a bit trickier but many teens do very well with it. If you are passionate about a subject and willing to put some time into learning basic video editing, YouTube can be a great side-gig.

Start a Petsitting Business

Petsitting is often in high demand and many pet owners prefer hiring kids who want to actually spend time with their pets while they are away. Create a family account on and you’ll quickly find local customers. In most areas, you can earn $25+ a day for simply letting a dog hang out at your house for the day. You can also include dog walking services on there if you want to expand your offerings.

Sell crafts and other homemade items

I’ve met some pretty crafty kids. Learn a skill or work on using one you already to have to create home decor items, jewelry, baked goods and more. You may be surprised at the local market for your products. I’ve seen kids set up cookie delivery services on Instagram, sell macrame crafts on Etsy, and more! This is a great way to earn some extra money and do something that you love at the same time.

Mow Lawns and do Yard Work

I know of very few people who wouldn’t jump at the chance to hire out their yard work. Mowing lawns is a simple side gig for kids. Add in other yard work like pulling weeds, trimming bushes, and planting flowers and you’ll likely have a very full schedule. Make flyers to distribute to your neighbors or advertise on local Facebook groups. Just be sure kids are staying in areas where parents are comfortable. If you take some safety precautions this can be a great way for kids to earn money.

Start a Produce Co-op

My kids have been running a small produce co-op for the past year. They buy produce from a distributor but I’ve also heard of co-ops who work out discount deals with local grocery stores. We have a Facebook group that people in our local area joined. Because we are buying in bulk, we are able to buy produce at a discount, package an assortment in boxes, and distribute it to co-op members. My kids make a bit of money for each box they sell and my family ends up with some extra produce for free each week. Look into your local laws and regulations before jumping into something like this but it can be a great way for kids to earn money from home.

Offer Tech Support

If you are good with technology you’ll probably find that there are quite a few people in your neighborhood who are interested in hiring you to help out. My teenager has offered tech support on the side and been paid to do things like hook up new TVs, install updates on computers, and set up video doorbells.

Charge a reasonable fee and advertise among your neighbors and you’ll likely have plenty of customers.

Clean Trash Cans

Cleaning trash cans out, especially the big outside cans, isn’t a chore very many people want to do. Kids can make a steady income cleaning trash cans with a pressure washer (we like this one). Offer this service to your neighbors through local Facebook groups or other local networks.

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