20 Fantastic Business Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a great small business idea for kids? Starting a small business from home is a great way for kids to earn money. These are some of our favorite small business ideas for kids.

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Do you have an entrepreneurial kid? Kids can start a business from home that can help them earn money while working around their school schedule.

My kids have run several businesses for the last few years. It has given them some great work experience and helped them save money for college at the same time.

I’ve loved that running their own business has helped them build something that they can put on their resume or college applications, versus simply working at a fast-food job that will help them earn money but not experience in a field that they are interested in.

Best Business Ideas for Kids

There are so many options for kids to run a business.

Before you jump in, I’d recommend looking into your local laws. Most places will allow kids to run a business without getting a business license, but you’ll want to be sure about that if they plan to grow it very much.

Start a YouTube Channel

Half the kids I talk to want to start a YouTube channel. It’s a job that sounds fun and lets kids teach others about something that they are passionate about.

You do have to be aware of safety issues and know what is okay to share and what is not before jumping in. A YouTube channel will not bring in money right away but if you are smart about the videos you share and learn how to promote them, it can bring in a steady income with time.

Run a Produce Co-Op

My kids have run a very successful produce co-op from home. They connected with a produce wholesaler who delivers produce in bulk to our home, separate the produce into boxes so there’s a little bit of everything, and deliver them to families in our community. As a small business for kids, it has been great. They’ve learned a bit about marketing, accounting, customer service, supply chain management, and more. Each week they earn a bit of money and we get free produce for our family (which is a very nice perk).

Learn more about running a produce co-op from home here.

Start a 3D Printing Business

This is next on our list because my teen is obsessed with 3D printing. If you look on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy, you’ll find all kinds of 3D printed objects for sale. The cost to 3D print things is low and you can come up with some very unique things, especially if you learn how to design them yourself. I’ve seen board game organizers, fidget toys, and even earrings for sale.

Selling Soda

Lemonade stands may have been a hit 20 years ago but today most people want sealed drinks so they know what they are getting. My kids had great luck selling cold sodas on the side of the road for several summers. They ran into quite a few thirsty construction workers who were so grateful to find a cold drink that they often left great tips. It wasn’t uncommon for my kids to earn $20/hour selling sodas.

Buy a Vending Machine

If you want to take a soda business to the next level, kids can consider buying a vending machine. This will definitely have a higher start up cost, but you can often find used vending machines for sale. Kids will need to find a place to host their vending machine but it can be a great side gig for kids.

Start a Lawn Care Business

There are always people who are more than willing to hire a teen to do their yard work. Kids can set up a Facebook page, Instagram page, or simple website to advertise their services. If you’d like to scale things, hire other teens and outsource jobs.

Pressure Wash Trashcans

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Offer to pressure wash trash cans on trash day after they’ve been emptied. You’d need to invest in a pressure washer but this can be a great business for kids to run.

Pet Sitting

make money pet sitting

Pet sitting is a great business for kids. You can earn money with Rover.com or look for pet sitting clients on your own. I recently heard of a teen who started pet sitting in high school then after graduation, scaled her business and hired employees. There’s a lot of money in the pet industry!

Learn more about petsitting with Rover.com here.

Dog Walking

Along those same lines, dog walking can be a great business fo kids. Look for older pet owners or working parents in your neighborhood who may need a little help with their pets. You can also find dog walking clients on Rover.

Pick up Dog Poop

We’ve received a few ads for a young adult in our area who comes by several times a week and cleans up dog poop in your yard. It’s a niche service but one that is very helpful to pet owners who are short on time.


Babysitting is a great part-time job for teens. Run your babysitting services like a business and you will have no problem finding repeat clients. Even young teens can create an account on Care.com or advertise in local Facebook groups to find clients.

Sell Baked Goods

We have several cute teens in our neighborhood who sell baked goods from their home on a regular basis. Social media is a great tool to get the word out when you have treats ready to purchase. You can also build a following on Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch with your clients.

Grow Pumpkins to Sell

I’ve known several kids who spend the summer growing pumpkins and then sell them in the fall. You can set up a pumpkin stand in your front yard, just like a lemonade stand.

Teach Piano Lessons

Many parents are looking for affordable piano lessons. Teens can charge less than other teachers and build up a base of clients and get experience teaching. That will allow them to charge more for lessons later.

Teach Swimming Lessons

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? Consider teaching swimming lessons during the summer. Even if you don’t have a pool, you could offer to visit your neighbors backyard pools to teach lessons to their kids. Swimming is an essential skill and it is so important for kids to learn water safety while they are young.

Start a Tutoring Business

Are you great at writing? A wiz at math? No matter what your skills are, chances are there’s someone younger than you that wants to learn them.

Sell Homemade Crafts on Etsy

If you love to create things, selling on Etsy may be a great option. You can sell nearly anything you can come up with and it can be a great way to build up a craft business without creating a website.

Start a Retail Arbitrage Business

Retail Arbitrage is the practice of finding deals in stores and selling items for a higher price. You can do this by shipping things into Amazon and selling through Amazon FBA, selling on Ebay, or using Facebook Marketplace. Many people have great luck starting with books, because you can buy them at a low cost. I’ve known several teens who do great selling sneakers or other items they are passionate about.

Paint Canvases to Sell

Home decor is always a hot seller. If you are artistic, create painted canvases and sell them for home decor. You can use Facebook Marketplace or attend craft fairs locally.

Put on Summer Day Camps for Kids

Do you have a skill to teach? Are you good with kids? Consider putting on Summer Day Camps for kids. I’ve seen teens put on dance day camps, craft day camps, and STEM day camps. Host neighborhood kids for several hours a day for a week or two and give their parents a break from entertaining them.

These business ideas for kids are a great way to learn about life as an entrepreneur. Kids and teens can get some great job experience that they can use on their resume down the road.

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