Amazon KDP Flexible Income Stream

Flexible Work From Home Income Stream with Amazon KDP

Are you looking for a flexible work from home job that lets you earn money on your own terms? Amazon KDP is a tried and true way to earn an income from home. We sat down with Jenny Hansen Lane, a work at home mom who has been hugely successful with Amazon KDP to learn all about it.

One of the most frequent remote job requests we get in our work at home jobs Facebook group is for flexible and part-time remote jobs.

For parents especially, having the ability to earn money from home and do it in a way that works around their schedule or doesn’t require daycare is the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, those jobs can be a bit tricky to find.

Amazon KDP offers the opportunity to earn royalties on self-published books, which includes low content books like journals, planners, and more.

I sat down with jenny Hansen Lane, a mom who has found huge success with self publishing on Amazon and is now able to work from home on her own schedule.

Jenny tells me that she doesn’t have to leave the house if she doesn’t want to and she’s been able to turn her success with Amazon KDP into multiple income streams.

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Amazon KDP Interview with Jenny Hansen Lane

Watch the full interview here or read the condensed transcript below and learn whether or not Amazon KDP may be a good fit for you.

how to Get Started with Amazon KDP

Rachel: Jenny, can you share a bit about your background and how you ventured into Amazon KDP? A:

Jenny: Absolutely, Rachel. I’ve always been a promoter of activities that keep families together. I stumbled upon Amazon KDP in 2021 while creating an online course. Initially planning to publish a traditional book, I discovered the potential of selling notebooks—similar to those found in Walmart or Target. Starting with a modest $18 in the first month, my interest skyrocketed, and I eventually achieved six figures in 18 months.

Is Self-Publishing a Flexible Income Opportunity for Parents?

Rachel: For those unfamiliar, what is Amazon KDP, and why is it a great flexible income stream?

Jenny: Amazon KDP, or Kindle Direct Publishing, is a platform allowing individuals to self-publish and distribute books without upfront costs. It operates on a print-on-demand model, eliminating the need for inventory. The beauty lies in its versatility—you can publish paperbacks, hardcovers, Kindle editions, and even audiobooks. The platform is free to start, making it an accessible and flexible income stream.

Rachel: How does Amazon KDP align with the idea of working from home and creating a flexible income?

Jenny: Jeff Bezos initiated Amazon’s foray into online textbook sales in 1996, tapping into public domain works. Amazon KDP evolved from this concept. It’s an ideal work-from-home opportunity as it requires minimal investment. Whether you have ideas for line journals or e-books, Amazon KDP accommodates various formats. The freedom is boundless, dependent on your time and bandwidth

What is the income Potential with Self-Publishing?

Rachel: What’s the income potential for the average person on Amazon KDP, and how can one achieve success?

Jenny: Success with self-publishing doesn’t require a specific background. I started during a challenging time and realized the potential of books created a year ago still generating daily sales. Setting achievable goals and understanding the market are crucial. Utilizing tools like the ABC method to identify in-demand keywords is valuable. While my journey involved using ads, starting with a modest budget and gradually scaling up contributed to my six-figure success.

What technical skills do you need for Amazon KDP?

Rachel: Is Amazon KDP suitable for those without design skills or technical know-how?

Jenny: Absolutely. The resources available on platforms like Canva are vast, catering to various design needs. You don’t need to be an artistic genius to create appealing book covers. KDP support and KDP University offer guidance, but learning from experienced publishers like me adds an extra layer of strategy. The master class provides a structured approach, making it accessible for anyone interested in self-publishing.

Work From Home Income Streams Masterclass with jenny Hansen Lane

Rachel: Can you give us a glimpse of what the masterclass on March 20th 2024 covers and who it’s suitable for?

Jenny: The master class is for anyone intrigued by behind-the-scenes income or those with a book idea. It’s designed to help individuals identify the low-hanging fruit of their ideas, whether it’s a journal, planner, or something else. This class is an investment in oneself to learn the skill set of self-publishing and start generating income.

Thank you so much for joining us here today. Thanks everybody for watching. Be sure and check the comments for some additional details and we hope to see you on the mass at the masterclass on March 20th.

Join us for the Work From Home Income Streams Masterclass with Jenny Hansen Lane on March 20th. This link will offer you a $60 discount through March 15th!

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