Nap Time Side Gigs You Can do From Home

As a parent, you may be in a stage of life where you need a work at home jobs that work around your kids’ nap time schedule. Fortunately, there are some great nap time side gigs that can help you supplement your income and continue to build your resume. These side gigs are perfect for fitting into your day and, many times, the experience can lead to a full-time opportunity later on.

Working from home when your kids are young can be challenging, but it’s also a fantastic option because you will have more flexibility and can save money by working from home.

That being said, working while activity caring for young kids is tricky so nap time (or after bedtime) is your ideal time to work. These work at home job options can be done while your children are sleeping and will help you earn an income from home.

Start a Blog

Blogging is not a quick return side gig but it can be a fantastically flexible one if you have young kids at home. You will have the ability to work on your schedule and earn money through ad income, affiliate sales, product sales, sponsorships and more. As a blogger, you are not an employee so you are not held to anyone else’s schedule. If you have a passion for a topic, consider creating a blog or an affiliate niche site. You can set up a new blog starting at only $3.95/month here.

Teach Online

There are some amazing online teaching opportunities available right now, may of which can be done during nap time.

Sign up to teach with VIPKid and you can teach easy classes to Chinese students wanting to learn English. The classes are generally held after your children go to bed or before they wake up in the morning.

If you’d prefer to teach during the day, teaching with Outschool is a great option, especially with so many kids learning from home at the moment. You create your own class and are able to teach anything you are passionate about. This online teaching job does not require a college degree.

Create an Online Class

If teaching online appeals to you, you may be interested in creating your own online class. This is different from most online teaching jobs because it makes you responsible for everything, from course creation to course marketing and everything in between. The best platform I have found to host your course is Teachable. Sign up for Teachable here.

If you want to focus on course creation and leave most of the marketing to someone else, look into hosting your class on SkillShare or teach on Udemy.

Work as a reseller

If you love hunting down great deals, consider working as a reseller. The basic premise is you buy low sell high. You can do this by selling things on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or take things up a notch and sell through Amazon FBA. There are some amazing resource videos on YouTube about retail arbitrage to help you learn.

Start an Etsy Store

If you are creative, opening an Etsy store can be a great way to go. Etsy has branched out quite a bit and includes everything from homemade crafts to woodworking projects to 3D printed items. If you haven’t considered Etsy before because you are not a crafter, you may want to see what other sellers are offering.

Work as a Graphic Designer from Home

If you have graphic design skills, you can make good side gig income from home. There are so many options for work at home side gigs in graphic design. You could create logos, work as a virtual assistant, do ebook layouts, work in web design and more. For new graphic designers, I recommend dipping your toes in by using Fivrr to get some initial experience. I’ve known many graphic designers who have good luck finding clients in Facebook groups, through their own website, or by selling on Creative Market.

Sell Stock Photography

sell stock photography

Do you love photography? Being a photographer when you have young kids at home may be challenging. If you need more flexibility and can’t be away from home for photoshoots with clients, consider selling stock photography. You can take stock photos at home or take your children with you. You may even be able to use your children in photos if you are comfortable with that.

There are many places to sell stock photography online. See a list of our favorite places to sell stock photography here.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Many small and mid-size businesses as well as independent contractors utilize virtual assistants to help them work effectively. If you are a quick learner and have some basic technical skills, you can become a virtual assistant from home. Most virtual assistants are able to work whatever hours work for them during the day. As long as the job gets done, there are not usually specific hours that you will need to work. Virtual assistants can earn $20/hr and up, depending on how specialized your skills are.

Become a Home-Based Website Tester

If you are good with details, you can get paid to test websites from home. Sites like User Testing look for contractors to quality check websites and make sure they are easy to navigate. The hours for these gigs are completely flexible and they pay $8-20 per test which generally takes around 10-20 minutes each.

Work as a Voice-Over Artist

Do you have a pleasant speaking voice? Any experience with acting? You may be a great fit for voice-over work from home. You can be hired to record audiobooks, narrate videos, voice commercials, speak in corporate videos, and more. Upwork or Fivrr can be a great place to find entry-level voice-over work from home.

If you do not have any previous voice-over experience, I’d recommend taking a course like this one before you start your remote job hunt.

Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be a very lucrative side-gig and offers some amazing flexibility. It is important to get some initial work samples. Many freelance writers consider offering these for free or gust-posting on blogs. If you go this route, be sure to create a website to promote your services and link back to your website to take advantage of the SEO potential. Once you have some work samples, you can find jobs on sites like Freelance Writing Gigs or by purchasing the current year Writer’s Market.

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